Patching DYLD

Most of the time, if you install a internal dump, it will not boot. You will need a DYLD patch to boot.

How to patch DYLD:

Step 1, Go to the directory "/System/Library/Caches/" in the dump. There should be 3 files. Delete all of them.

Step 2: Choose your DYLD version. In my case I am patching DYLD on 9A2306f. I will use DYLD from iOS 5.0.

Step 3: Go to directory "/System/Library/Caches/" in rootfs dmg. There should be only 1 file.*

*You will need to have the rootfs dmg from IPSW decrypted and mounted.

Step 4: Copy the only file in this folder and add it to "/System/Library/Caches/" inside dump. Replace the existing file if prompted.

NOTE: Using DYLD from a release firmware will only work on InternalUI builds. For NonUI builds, you will need to find an unslid NonUI DYLD that is compatible with your build.